Transformer Oil Filtration |Ultra High Vacuum Oil Filtration

   We provide Transformer Oil Filtration services for Distribution transformer and Power Transformers. .Our offered service is rendered by our highly experienced professionals

Why is Oil filled in the transformer?

   Transformer oil has excellent electrical insulating properties ,high dielectric strength and are stable at high temperatures and acts as coolent for the winding of the transformer.These properties of the insulating oil helps in providing electrical insulation between the windings and other parts of the transformer and acts as a arc quenching medium and reduces copper loss.Transformer oil prevents degradation of insulating papers due to oxidation.

Why is Transformer Oil Filtration needed?

   Transformer oil gets deteriorated over time due to contamination, overheating, electrical stress, oxidation of hydrocarbons with atmospheric oxygen, high temperatures,reaction with metal surfaces and moisture.Moisture and water enters the transformer due to failure in the transformer gaskets. water effects the insulating properties of the transformer oil as it reduces the dielectric strength and causes increased carbon formation during arcing. Some of the dissolved water also gets absorbed over time by the paper insulation of the transformer which badly affects the insulation properties. Removing the water content in the paper insulation requires drying out with heat and vacuum using ultra high vacuum filtration machines. Oxidation of oil results in acids in the transformer oil. The oxidation speed depends on temperature and presence solid copper, iron and other diffused materials. Oxidation of transformer oil should be ketp at minimum by regularly maintaining gaskets and seals and moisture should be removed by regular filtration of transformer oil. Regular filtration of transformer oil wil increase the life expectancy of the transformer by preventing deterioration of the transformer oil.