We manufacture and supply superior quality Silica gel breather for transformers with different flange sizes and capacity as required by the customers at best prices. When a transformer is operated at higher load the temperature of the insulating oil in the transformer increases and expands into the
conservator tank which is at a higher level from the lid of the transformer and the dry air in the conservator comes out through the silica gel breather.Similarly when the transformer load is decreased the insulatig oil temperature decreases and the of oil in the conservator tank decreases and air is sucked into the conservator tank and this process together is called transformer breathing.

During breathing process the atmospheric air entering the transformer may contain impurities like dust and moisture which when comes into contact with the insulating oil will decrease its insulating and dielctric properties which will directly affect the proper operation of the tranformer and result in flash overs inside the
transformer. Hence, it is necessary that, the air entering into the transformer is free from moisture & dust particles.

Silica Gel Breather Specification:

Product Category:Silica Gel Breather
Silica Gel Breathers Type:Thread Mounted and Flange Mounted silica gel breathers
Silica Gel Breather Size:250 GM, 500 GM, 1 KG,1.5 KG, 2 KG, 3 KG, 5 KG,6 KG , 8 KG ,10 KG
Silica Gel Breather Body:Clear View and Aluminium body available
Silica Gel Breather Price:Depends on quantity and size of breather
Silica Gel Breather Stock:Ready
Silica Gel Color:Blue and Orange available
Silica Gel Breather Supply:India
250 gm transformer silica gel breather price Rs 250.
500 gm transformer silica gel breather price Rs 400.
1 kg transformer silica gel breather price Rs 750.
2 kg transformer silica gel bretaher price Rs 1200.
10 kg transformer silica gel brether breather price Rs 7900.
15 kg transformer silica gel breather price Rs 1400.

Transformer silica gel Breather Available With Different Flange Dimentions And Sizes At Best Prices

Purpose of transformer silica gel breather?

Our company manufactures Silica gel breather which is attached to the transformer conservator tank outlet when air flows in and out of the conservator during breathing process the moisture in the air is absorbed by the silica gel crystals letting only clean and dry air into the conservator. The dust particles in the air gets settled in the oil cup provided at the bottom of the silica breather.Thus protecting the insulating and dielectric property of the transformer oil.

How does the transformer silica gel breather work?

Silica Gel crystal are Hygroscopic materials with amorphous and porous form of silicon dioxide hence have great capacity of absorbing moisture present in the atmospheric air which enters the transformer during breathing process.The Silica gel crystals in the breather are blue in colour when installed and they turn to pink colour as they absorb moisture when the silica gel crystals turn pink colour they must be replaced or the silica gel crystal should be heated at a temperture of 150 degree to 200 degree centigrade until the moisture in the crystals evaporate and the crystals turn back to blue colour.Silica gel breathers provide an economic and efficient means of controlling the level of moisture entering inside conservator tank.


Transformer Silica Gel Breather Construction

Silica gel Breather lids are made of powder coated Aluminium,the transparent cylinder is made of unbreakable Polycarbonate which can withstand high temperatures and UV rays.
Silica gels may be blue or yellow in colour depending on the requirement of customer as blue silica gel is toxic some companies maintaining european standards demand for breather with orange gel.Blue Silica gel turns pink when it absorbes moisture were as yellow silica gel turns green when it absorbes moisture.

Transformer silica gel breather construction
Transformer silica gel breather construction